The Terrena Group

The Terrena Group is the principal shareholder in Gastronome, a public limited company.

The co-operative was created as a result of its farmers' ambition:

  • to develop sustainable markets for their livestock and crops
  • to dynamise the sector
  • to bolster their economic strength.

Gastronome - Groupe Terrena


Terrena is the first cooperative in France.

With a turnover of 4.3 billion euros and 11,821 employees, the TERRENA co-operative group is a major stakeholder in the farming and food industries in its local region.
The quality of Terrena's products is demonstrated through its strong brands, such as:

  • Douce France and Gastronome for poultry,
  • Paysan Breton for dairy products,
  • Elivia for beef,
  • Tradival for flour.

Terrena works hard for the success of its companies' products by combining the strength of its local values with its cutting-edge facilities.