Our policy : Quality

Its status as a co-operative member means every link in the production chain is involved.
This unique strength is a guarantee of food safety throughout the Gastronome Group.
  • 1/ International quality management standard providing a framework for describing the resources implemented in the company to guarantee the quality of the finished product.
  • 2/ Standard equivalent to ISO 9001 adapted to the organisation of agricultural production. French Standard NFV01007 supplements NFV01005 with additional requirements concerning environmental friendliness and more generally, sustainable development.
  • 3/ International Food Standard: framework developed by Franco-German supermarkets and focussing on food safety
  • 4/ British Retail Consortium: framework developed by British supermarkets and focussing on food safety

Gastronome expertise

The quality of our meat a supplied to the customer is based on a three-part quality control system:

  • on the farm
  • at the abattoir
  • at the processing plant
involved at every stage, Gastronome can guarantee a premium quality poultry product. 

Our hatcheries are supplied with eggs from selected strains. These supply our farms with healthy day-old chicks with excellent growth potential. 

Our feed mills where the content of the feed can be adapted to the needs of the birds, ensuring good health and good growing rates.

Our farms are run by specialist producers who apply strict regulations laid down by a set of health guidelines covering hygiene, rearing conditions and animal welfare.

Our species-specific abattoirs sort the birds at every stage of the production chain (birds are hung up for cutting and packaging) based on health and visual criteria in compliance with regulations and specifications.

Our processing facilities manufacture processed poultry products in compliance with health regulations and product recipes in accordance with legislation and any conditions set by the specifications.

Full traceability from hatcheries to product on sale means complete information on the origins of the birds, the feed used and the product destination. This traceability is combined with checks throughout the process by Gastronome, by the official veterinary surgeons on site and by independent external bodies.

A guarantee of quality

To ensure the best possible control of every link in the production chain, Gastronome has developed a range of quality processes. It has achieved ISO 9000 certification for its hatcheries and feed plants. Gastronome has recently implemented IFS certification in all its facilities, some of which are also BRC certified.

Gastronome is committed to ensuring its production facilities always meet the highest standards and to that end it has invested in the creation of some of the most modern facilities in Europe.

Gastronome has successfully developed a company which reflects the expectations of the distributors and processors who are its customers as well as the needs and requirements of its consumers.