Our policy : The future

The consumer: the focus of our commitment

The Douce France brand is associated with innovation, recognition and durability. This is the label Gastronome uses for marketing the new products developed by its teams.
With its commitment to adaptating its product ranges to satisfy emerging trends, Gastronome can guarantee the consumer a continuing varied and interesting choice.

The environment: a major concern

The environment is one of the primary concerns of the Gastronome Group. 
The farms run by Fermiers du Val de Loire ( Terrena) are the first in France to receive environmental quality certification :

  • environmental auditing of the poultry production system
  • environmental controls on the farm
  • hydrological and environmental aspects included when planning its farms.

Meeting every aspect of customer’s expectations

The second strategic area of action concerns Customer’s Own Brands.

Over the years, Gastronome has developed the technical, human and manufacturing resources to enable it to support customers in all their new projects. 

Our flexibility and reactivity are acknowledged by our customers.