Gastronome - 2ème volailler français


The Gastronome Group

Gastronome, France's second largest poultry producer

The Gastronome group markets its products throughout France.

Working with its network of skilled employees, it has built a complete and fully traceable business comprising:

  • production
  • processing
  • marketing

For its full range of products.
Product traceability from the day-old chick to the fisnished product :

  • Hatcheries
  • Feed / Formulation
  • Rearing units
  • Upstream - Slaughter / Cutting
  • Upstream - Processed products
  • Distribution centres

Gastronome has built a complete network of professionals with recognised expertise, committed to our customers and consumers.

Gastronome - Démarche de qualité  

Quality forms the core of the Gasronome business

Our approach is based on a process of quality,traceability and food safety.

Gastronome guarantees the high quality of its products through:

  • a rigorous selection process for its farmers
  • complete traceability of its poultry
  • healthy and balanced poultry feed, rich in minerals and vitamins.

Viande Française - Alimentation 100% végétaux, minéraux, vitamines

Gastronome, both in & outside Europe

Gastronome markets its products through all types of distribution channel in France and both in an outside Europe: supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, specialist outlets and wholesalers, as well as manufacturers.

The group is also represented by subsidiaries or offices in Germany and Great Britain.

In Germany our contact is Gregoire Gibert
Gelavi GMBH
Freisinger Stras.26
85435 ERDING
Email :
Phone : 00 49 8122 955310

In Great Britain our contact is Peter Rostron
Gastronome UK Ltd
Hilliard House Lester Way
OX 10 9TA
Email :
: +44 1491 833010