Key figures

Gastronome, a leading supplier in the French poultry sector

With a turnover of 836.4 million euros, 3,000 employees and 1 800 farmers, and an annual production exceeding 193,829 tonnes of finished poultry products, Gastronome is the 2nd largest poultry company in France. 

Gastronome combines modernity and tradition

The group has cutting edge production facilities.

Gastronome, a company well-known to professionals and the public

Since 1995, Gastronome has topped the awards table with 1200 medals at the Paris General Agriculture Competition.
16 were won at the last General Agriculture Competition in February 2012 with 7 golds and 5 silver :

  • Ancenis Free Range chicken yellow (gold)
  • Ancenis Free Range chicken black (gold)
  • Ancenis Free Range chicken tenderloin (silver)
  • Nature de France chicken tenderloin (gold)
  • Ancenis Free Range Guinea Fowl (silver)