Our policy : Ambitions

Gastronome is building and consolidating its relationship with the consumer

The Group's ambition is to promote its expertise and increase its brand awareness. Its objective is to establish itself as the brand of choice for fresh poultry and for ready to cook and ready to eat processed products. 
To do this the group is strengthening its policy of continuous innovation to respond to consumer expectations and differentiate its product range.

Gastronome, a European group

The group intends  to continue developing its export business.
Its success lies in knowing how to adapt both products and communication to suit different markets. 

Gastronome - PouletGastronome - Poulet


Gastronome Professionnels, the professionals' partner of choice

Gastronome is working hard to become the partner of choice for the hospitality and catering industries. Recognition of the quality of its products, the professionalism of its poultry business and its level of service are the key elements in this development.

Gastronome - Restauration